Silverthorn(e) Family Website (United Kingdom) - not fully maintained.
Silverthorn(e) Family Website  (United Kingdom) - not fully maintained.

The last committee of the SFA

The last officers of the Association were:-


Chairman:- Lloyd Silverthorne


Treasurer:- Christine Silverthorne


Secretary:- Jane Hughes


Recorder:- Elizabeth Silverthorne


Newsletter Editor:- Ruth Henderson


The Association's founder, the late Richard Moore F.S.G. was its first Life President.

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Jane Hughes on 16th September 2019

The 2015 committee. Left to right - Ruth, Christine, Elizabeth, Jane, Lloyd

The Silverthorn(e) Family Association (UK) was founded in 1989 by the late Richard Moore, after he had received a visit from the late Frank 'Monty' Reed of Santa Barbara, California USA.   Frank had been in the UK researching the origins of the family, and dedicated the three volumes of his research to his wife, the former Jaquelin Silverthorne. (See the 'History' page of this website).


The original committee consisted of Richard Moore as Chairman, Brice Moore (Richard's brother) as Secretary, the late Ray Smith as Recorder, and Elizabeth Silverthorne as Newsletter editor.   Ray, and his wife Veronica (nee Silverthorne) also did a great deal of research, and produced a set of family trees which have since been pored over at every subsequent gathering of the Association.  


After founding the Association, and after 25 years as Chairman, Richard Moore retired on 22nd June 2013 and became its Hon Life President.  Sadly, he died less than a year later on 9th November, 2013.  Lloyd Silverthorne then took over as the Chairman of the Silverthorn(e) Family Association of Great Britain until it was disbanded in 2017.

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Sadly, our founder, Richard Moore, died peacefully at his home on the 9th November 2013. He had been Life President for only four months. He is greatly missed.
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