Silverthorn(e) Family Website (United Kingdom) - not fully maintained.
Silverthorn(e) Family Website  (United Kingdom) - not fully maintained.

Welcome to the Silverthorn(e) UK website

The Silverthorne Family Association (UK) (SFA) was dissolved on 20th April 2017.


However, this site will remain open for some time, and you may post messages on the 'Your News' section of the News Area page.  You will also find other sub - pages of interest in the News Area page.


Should you wish to ressurect the SFA (or similar) please feel free to do so.  Send an email via the 'Contact' page - there may be material being held which could be of help to you. 


To send a message, go to the 'Contact' page.

Or send a message by clicking here.



The 2016 Gathering was on Saturday 25th June,

and  held in Steeple Ashton village hall.

This was the last SFA Annual Gathering



The 28th and final Gathering and AGM at Steeple Ashton 25th June 2016




The final committee met on 20th April 2017 in Silverthorne Drive, Reading.



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