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You will be aware that, after giving several years’ notice, both the Secretary and Newsletter Editor will definitely be standing down from the SFA Committee in the Spring of 2017 and as no-one else has come forward to take over these responsibilities  it will not be feasible for the remaining committee members to continue running the Association.


This means that ordinary members of the Association must either replace those leaving, or the Association will become untenable.


Added to this for some time now, the SFA Annual Gatherings have been increasingly less well attended, and those who do attend tend to be the same diminishing few each year. Occasionally there are new faces, but these usually attend only once. This decline began even when Richard Moore was chairman, and has continued ever since.


At the 2016 Gathering, it was agreed that in future, if the SFA was to survive, it would do so only as a Web based community – with postal back-up for those who wished it. To this end, the SFA would require professional web support as well as active membership involvement.


Whilst professional support may be temporarily affordable, without a significant increase in overall membership, even this would be difficult if not impossible to sustain. There has to date been no active membership support.


Despite extensive efforts both by post and on-line, recruitment of new members has stalled, and retention of existing members is in decline through advancing age and/or ill health


Should a volunteer (or volunteers) come forward to either service the website, and / or re-vitalise the Association either in its present form or a new form, then materials associated with the Association would be handed to them.


The present committee has therefore sadly had to take the unavoidable decision to close the Association after the publication of a special edition of the Newsletter in the spring of 2017, unless sufficient ordinary members do come forward to run a new committee.


The committee invites members to offer suggestions as to the disposal of SFA material and monies should closure happen.


This to be done before the end of March 2017.


Email contact may be made via the CONTACT page of this site.


In the light of such suggestions or none, the committee will decide on the final course of action to be taken, and that decision will be published in the final Newsletter to be circulated to members in the spring of 2017. The SFA will then either cease to exist, or exist under entirely new management. 

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The 2016 Gathering was on Saturday 25th June, and  held in Steeple Ashton village hall.

This may have been the last SFA Annual Meeting




The 28th Gathering and AGM at Steeple Ashton 25th June 2016
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